"So Say We All"
"The emerging cell structure is markedly different from both human and Cylon cells. It's a hybrid all the way down to its DNA. The child will have capabitities and traits no one can predict"  DR. COTTLE

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              'BSG' Blood And Chrome Wallpapers...11-18-2012

                         Displaying : 1-20-2013 to 2-19-2013 - Gallery Views : Photos : 293487 - Videos : 139 - Total = 293626

    Blood And Chrome : Epi 10 - Finale Screencaps...12-7-2012

     Blood And Chrome : Epi 9 - Finale Screencaps...12-7-2012

    Blood & Chrome - Unrated Edition - Screencaps... 11-8-2012

       Blood & Chrome : Episode 4 - Screencaps...11-16-2012

                     'Islanded on a Stream of Stars': Wallpapers

                      'Someone To Watch Over Me ':Wallpapers

                         Caprica :Season 1.5 : Apotheosis

       Blood And Chrome : Episode 1 - Screencaps...11-9-2012

                                       Katee Sackhoff

                                         Tricia Helfer

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